My Freezer, My Friend

I owe a large part of my success on this diet to my freezer.

That sounds ridiculous, right? Well, it’s true. My freezer lets me prepare. With my freezer, I can plan for the times when I can’t make dinner, the moments when I need a snack, or the days when I can’t eat the beautifully ripe strawberries before they go bad.

I know that things are going to come up and stuff (ahem!) is going to happen. In my view, the only sane way to respond to uncontrollable events is to plan for them.

I utilize my freezer. It is my friend.

I wish you much success,



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One response to “My Freezer, My Friend

  1. Sarah Bosse

    Oh yes, me too! I got a freezer just about 2 months ago and I think its one of man’s greatest inventions! With hurricane season, however, I’ve contemplated what would I do if we lost power for an extended time – that would be a big problem!

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