The Best Approach to Diet Modification: Contentment

Bad attitudes will get you no where quick.

Since the beginning of March, I harbored a bad attitude. See, I’m on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). I struggled for 4 months while I tried to solve a few gastrointestinal problems by modifying what I ate. I went about doing the physical work of eating the proper items listed in Breaking the Vicious Cycle and in the stages listed on Pecanbread. Little did I know that my attitude toward SCD, or any kind of diet modification, would ultimately determine my success.

Fast and furious.

I approached SCD with a fast and furious attitude. When I began, I attempted to power through the stages because the faster I progressed, the quicker I’d be able to eat like a “normal” American. Basically I was unsatisfied, wanted more variety and I was hungry. I missed my creamy (real cream) coffee with sugar, I longed for a piece of cake and I craved chocolate. I desperately ticked down the foods listed in the stages. I spent hours in the kitchen; peel, cook, puree! I ignored many of the signs that my body tried to give me. Like the time my stomach felt flip-floppy after I devoured bananas fried in olive oil. I carried on, grateful that I didn’t end up in the bathroom after that banana, although many, many other times I did.

My new way of eating took over my life. I constantly stopped by the market to pick up this or that. With all of the busy-work, I didn’t face my ingrained attitudes. They remained un-mined and unexamined. I put on blinders and endured months of little success on SCD. By June, things got so bad that I faced the decision: quit or keep going. I stayed on SCD. I had more work to do.  I researched my issues; fructose malabsorption, leaky gut and phenols.

I started over. From the beginning. But this time around, I was armed with way more information. After a meal, I listened to the signals that my body gave me. It has told me lots of things. I have been doing the physical work of food preparation, which has dramatically decreased, and I’ve also scrutinized my deeply-held beliefs.

This time around, I have an attitude of contentment.

Being satisfied is the most powerful health-building attitude. Previously, I endured a few frantic months of utter failure, but now SCD is working for me. I am advancing through the food stages slowly and purposefully. My bodily reactions are my guide and I am extremely grateful to have arrived at this point.

Who knows if I’ll ever get back to a semi-normal American diet. At this point, I don’t really care. I am just happy that I’m not in the bathroom.


How did you approach diet modification? Did it work for you?



Theresa ~SCD Griddle



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10 responses to “The Best Approach to Diet Modification: Contentment

  1. I am glad to hear the scd diet is working for you now. You are right it is all about the attitude. I started the diet and it made my pain of many years stop. I let my body guide me through the stages. I will never return to an American diet. Scd is healthier and many Americans are approaching our diet. Paleo diet is close to scd and has a growing following. There are things I can no longer eat, but I find I don’t miss them anymore.

    Good luck on your journey.

  2. i’m so glad that you’re responding well…i’m just in my first month of the SCD…i can definitely relate to peel cook puree! 🙂

  3. Contentment: that’s so true~! I’ve really found that the best approach to eating healthy is to follow that old advice: if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with!

  4. Oh boy can I relate to this!! I started SCD the first time, back in October. After a few restarts,,, I am doing much better, not perfect, but better AND with a better attitude (most of the time) 😉
    Keep on Theresa!! WE can do it!
    theresa fisher

  5. Scarcity is such an easy mindset for us to fall into: Scarcity of time, scarcity of variety, of things that we want or crave. The more we dwell on the scarcity, the more we feel it. You deserve congratulations for having the wherewithal to make the shift from scarcity, to sufficiency. Compared to SAD, SCD seems incredibly limited, but taken on it’s own terms, SCD is filled with variety, delicious food, and well-managed hunger. As you so eloquently put it above, it’s all in your perspective.

  6. Sarah Bosse

    I really like this article, Griddle. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing. If I am to be most honest, I think it’s only fair to say I still flip-flop a bit myself in the “contentment department”. I have faith that you can do it, and probably with a lot less “drama” than me! LOL!

    • I’m so glad that you liked this entry! It took me a long time to feel contented with my diet and where I am in my healing process. For the sake of your healing, I hope that you are able to accept where you are!
      Of course, if I see some incredible-looking chocolate cake, a part of me would still love a little bite every now and then! 🙂

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