The Only Constant is Change

The only constant is change.

We’ve moved from the scorching furnace of summer into the harvest-time of fall.

The days gradually shorten. With an abundance of darkness, I’m tempted to try hibernation.

But I digress, I like to celebrate this time of year- it is Halloween.

I usually don’t go overboard with costumes and decorations, but I embrace the holiday in my own way.

My city holds an annual pumpkin festival. It is held in the park down the street.

While enjoying the activities and booths of arts and crafts last year, my husband and I came upon a pumpkin carver.

He sculpted the most wonderful jack o’ lanterns.

Aren’t they great?

As the tree leaves turn color and the autumn weather turns more crisp, I continue my journey on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

The SCD has revealed itself to be much more of a journey than I expected.

One of the biggest ways that I welcome the transition into fall is by altering what I cook.

These are my most recent undertakings:

I’ve been roasting pumpkins and seeds.

Who doesn’t love pumpkin? Wonderful in soups, amazing in baked goods.

And the seeds are great simply prepared with ghee and salt.

Or if I feel more adventurous, I add a few generous dashes of Penzy’s Spice mixtures.

The pumpkin seeds are crunchy and I was surprised that they didn’t give me trouble- I must be healing! 🙂

(After 7 months, I hope so!!)

Baking meats…

This turkey made a great dinner – with plenty of leftovers!

Don’t you love how the act of oven-roasting heats up the whole house?

Nice and warm and full of great scents.

I totally enjoy squashes…. roasted butternut squash is tasty.

Especially if I leave it until there is a touch of brown caramelization.

Add a bit of chopped parsley and it makes a perfect side dish!

It is so sweet that it is almost like dessert.

(But I’m sure you already knew that).

And speaking of dessert…. I whipped up this cheesecake. The recipe is in Breaking the Vicious Cycle.

Now that my diet is stable, I’m really drilling down to make sure I know what my sensitivities are.

That means that I need to try new things. So I baked up a batch of cheesecake, which is made with dry curd cottage cheese.

It went well at first…. then after dealing with my body reacting negatively over the course of a week or two, I realized that dairy and I don’t get along.

HUGE epiphany.

And yes, dairy includes yogurt….maybe I won’t cut yogurt out completely yet.

I’m surprised by the foods that I thought were my friends!

Now that I’ve cut way back on dairy, except for ghee,  I feel better!

Dairy is now the enemy.

I want to substitute  yogurt and dairy treats like cheesecake for a little meaty snack…

Something to keep on hand when I need some extra calories. Something safe.

I’m considering beef jerky.

Know of any good recipes? 🙂

Have I told you how much I like pecans and cashews?

I soak and dehydrate nuts weekly. These little babies made excellent snacks.

We seem to get along pretty well if properly soaked.

Never forget to soak them. Trust me.

This concludes my latest endeavors.

The SCD has revealed itself to be much more of a journey than I expected.

I’m surprised by the foods that I can’t tolerate… I thought many of them were my friends. Apparently not.

I’m surprised by the need for constant evaluation. My food tolerances keep changing; it definitely keeps me on my toes.

But I can take the continual modification because it means that I will just feel better and better.

And that is always a good thing.

I couldn’t leave you without one last picture of the magnificent jack o’ lanterns!

Happy Halloween!

xo, Theresa ~SCD Griddle



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6 responses to “The Only Constant is Change

  1. Sorry about the dairy. I’m so in the same boat. My 6 year old daughter is now able to tolerate homemade farm-fresh-milk yogurt, butter, and sour cream. And as far as commercial dairy, an occasional dalliance sets back her constipation and allergic rhinits about 2-3 days without any medicines. It used to be about 5 (or more) days–and that was with medicines on board. So I’m optimistic that GAPS/SCD is healing her gut, and children heal more quickly. Maybe I’m only a year behind her in healing! Sadly, more than dairy, I miss wheat. My friend, wheat:(

    • Yes, wheat and I were friends before, too! (or so I thought) Oh well, at least I’m not having weird reactions to food anymore. Getting rid of dairy is the last big piece of the puzzle for me. I wouldn’t be surprised to find other things that bother me, though – since my diet keeps changing up on me!
      It is great to hear that your daughter is able to tolerate some dairy more, how long has she been eating SCD?

      • Since June 22, 2012. Crazy that I know our exact start date (although I’m sure I’m not alone)! But you know those food diaries! LOL! But she is not 100%. We let her deviate on vacations, holidays, and birthdays. However, sometimes she chooses not to! I enjoy reading your posts! Thanks!

      • You are right, you’re not alone in knowing your start date. Since it changes things so radically, I’ll be most people on SCD remember! Too funny and too true. 🙂
        I enjoy reading your posts, too! Thanks for commenting.

  2. Hi Theresa! I’ve just popped over to have a look at your blog! Good luck with the SCD, I hope you find it as fantastic as we did!

    My son follows the SCD strictly and is “cured” of Crohn’s Disease now and I think the yogurt (which he ate in bucket loads) was a life-saver for him. However he also finds he is intolerant to dairy now. How strange it is!!

    Looking forward to your posts!

    • Vicky, I really relate to your son’s experience! I didn’t realize I had a dairy intolerance until I tried dry curd cottage cheese. Then my problems with yogurt were noticeable.
      Thanks for commenting – I look forward to your posts, too!

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